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Saving trees, one screenwriter at a time

Networking sites for writers seem to be all the rage this year. First there was Pitchtopia, a site designed to bring writers, editors and agents together in a forum for shopping stories. Now there’s, a site bringing screenwriters, agents and producers together in the same fashion. This latest conduit for starving artists also incorporates an environmental angle into its mission:

“Screenwriters in America print 180 million sheets of paper a year. In six months, we hope to cut that in half.”

Sounds good to me. Saves on stamps, too. But writers should make sure to copyright their work before submitting it — Greenwriter can’t protect against story theft. Go to to register your work (note: basic claims cost from $35).

That’s your public service announcement for the day.


Event: NYC eco-friendly schmoozing

For anyone in the Manhattan area tomorrow, Green Drinks NYC — a small business that supports “social networking for global change” — will host an event (with free booze!) from 6-10pm. I embrace change that comes equipped with cocktails. See details below.

TUESDAY, Aug. 11th, 6-10pm at HUDSON TERRACE (621 W 46th Street between 11th and 12th Ave). $15 in advance HERE until noon, $20 at the door. Environmentally conscious New Yorkers will be able to network with a vibrant green community of leaders and thinkers over food, organic drink specials, giveaways, and speakers. 2-for-1 drink specials from 6-8PM. All guests will receive a complimentary organic cocktail and will have the opportunity to bid on a custom, single speed bike from Brooklyn Bike and Board in a silent auction.

Lazy Environmentalist: “We’re all a little lazy”

There are two sides to Sundance: beautiful people congratulating themselves on their “creative genuis” in the streets of Park City, Utah, while simulating drunkeness off beer with 3.2% alcohol. And the side that smells of Robert Redford (mmm) and Earth Day — the one focusing on environmentally conscious programming, The Green, on the Sundance Channel.

New TV show “The Lazy Environmentalist” embraces the spirit of the Recession Renaissance: host Josh Dorfman visits people around America who don’t feel they have the time or resources to go green right now. He explains otherwise. Though it risks coming off as preachy, and the blatant push for sponor Clorox gets tiring, the suggestions Dorfman offers are realistic, often innovative and easy to execute. Plus, his green makeover subjects often need to learn the basics — like the family that didn’t recycle, and threw out so much garbage daily, Dad had to jump into the can to squash it down. Nice.

The show is only a few episodes old right now — so far, he’s counseled a dog groomer and a fashion stylist for emerging hip-hop stars. Dorfman himself is endearing, like a goofier Jeff Goldblum.


Each episode is a half hour, and it’s definitely worth checking out. The show airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on the Sundance Channel. Sundance’s blogs are also informative and a good place to get some of the latest green tech news. For all this, I give it a thumbs-up. Green thumb? Ohhh so cliched. I’ll do it anyway. logo_greenthumbsup